Bank Development Strategy

Our main goals in 2021

Development strategy – to establish itself as a modern universal, first-class, competitive large Bank of Abkhazia.

Strategic guideline:

  • Becoming one of the three largest banks in Abkhazia by assets;
  • Ensuring leadership among major banks in terms of performance indicators;
  • Ensuring a leading position in the retail services market;
  • Ensuring the growth of assets.

  Business plan for 2021: 

The Bank’s goal — to maintain and further strengthen the position of a modern, innovative and dynamically developing Bank of Abkhazia that provides a full range of financial services throughout the country.

To achieve this goal the Bank will focus on the following tasks:

  • introduction of modern banking technologies;
  • increase of efficiency indicators by optimizing business processes, improving the quality and speed of service while reducing production costs;
  • expanding the customer base, based on the provision of a full range of services, focusing on the individual characteristics of each client;
  • improvement of the risk management system;
  • development of professional potential of employees.

With this potential, it is planned to increase the total assets by 20% by the end of 2020. At the same time, the growth of the Bank’s liabilities for 2021 is planned at the level of 20% and the total capital of 18%. The Bank’s gross income in 2021 is planned to be 18% higher than in 2020. Revenue growth will be achieved through the systematic development of the main strategic business areas: corporate and retail. The Bank divides corporate clients into 2 main segments: large business and small business. The Bank plans to develop customer service in the large business segment by offering individual financial solutions. The Bank will expand its product range in short-term lending, trade financing, currency operations and liquidity management products. At the same time, it is important to increase the speed of service delivery, especially in terms of lending. The Bank will create mechanisms for operational interaction between client managers and client representatives. The small business segment is of significant interest to the Bank, as it provides an acceptable level of profitability, while at the same time allows to effective diversification the client base. Thanks to economic reforms and active government support for small businesses, the number of potential clients of the Bank is rapidly growing.

  • make such simple operations as regular payments, transfer of funds, making payments for goods and services, saving funds and microloans convenient, fast and profitable. For this purpose, special attention will be paid to salary projects, transfers of funds between individual accounts, overdrafts and credit lines secured by financial assets. It is necessary to develop savings products and popularize the use of plastic cards, introducing new methods of customer identification.
  • build long-term and close relationships with clients. For implementation of this task, it is important to understand the needs of customers and find an individual approach to each customer segment. The Bank will develop product packages that are more attractive than stand-alone products. To create such packages, the Bank will expand its capabilities to collect, store and analyze customer information.
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